Rein is based out of Los Angeles, CA and began pouring candles in 2015. Our founding team combines several product-focused backgrounds - from manufacturing to design - but all members share a common need to genuinely enjoy, and be proud of, their living space. Naturally, this led to a major interest in candles.

Unfortunately for fashionable people with masculine taste, virtually every candle on the market is designed for a female demographic – from the aesthetic to the scent. We believe a candle, more than any product, has the power to produce a powerful ambiance and show a sense of style in a living space. So, combining our diverse backgrounds, we built a premium candle for men – or those with masculine taste – who value ambiance, appreciate style, and demand craftsmanship.

It wasn’t an overnight process. It took three years to launch the first line of candles, sourcing waxes, fragrances, wicks, and containers from around the world. What resulted was a truly unique line of candles we are damn proud of. That said, we understand that the average guy won’t appreciate a luxury candle. Guys typically show little interest in style or ambiance. We design candles for the guys who, like us, can’t stand this way of thinking.

Moving forward, Rein will always believe that a man’s living space is an extension of himself and that a proper ambiance breeds success. In other words, we’ll always make sure that style-conscious doers with masculine taste have a candle to come home to.